Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a weekend!

Koda and his Frees-bee

Loni, Lucy, Myself and Koda
Koda wants to play ladder ball
I love Koda's expression... "Dad not in public!" haha

We finally have a picture of the 3 of us!
Loni wanted to compare Koda to Lucy... I think Koda is bigger, haha!
Getting ready to run!
Koda is so wanting to go!
Koda's new BFF
Jasper is 4 months old

He can actually see out of the window now
Well again sorry for being graphic but I'm talking about everything that has to do with our little boy and well this counts. Koda's stool was starting to get better towards the end of the week and to say the least we jumped for joy, but I think we spoke too soon. I think we are going to have to go back to the vets tomorrow to actually try some more medicine, cause we are getting tired of dealing with diarrhea.

Yesterday we had a picnic with some of our friends since the weather was so stinking warm. Well just our luck the day we try to do a picnic it gets cold again. Koda had a blast! A friend of ours brought her Chiwawa and of course Koda wanted to play; however, this little dog wanted nothing to do with Koda. The park we went to was a frees-bee golf park so of course our little Koda brought along his new frees-bee, but he decided to chew on it instead of chase it. He did however LOVE chasing his tennis ball! When we got home the three of us fell asleep hard, the sad thing was we had a friend over when we did. Sorry Kevin!

This morning we decided to get up early and go check out the Urban Mushers. For those who do not know, Urban Mushers are a group of people who own working dogs and want to give their dog's a work out by mushing on dry land. They do this on scooters, bikes, carts, etc. Here is the website for the group: http://www.urbanmushing.com/main.htm. We drove up to the park where they meet every weekend and there was no one! We started to get nervous that we missed them or they do not meet anymore. We started to go on a walk and we ran into another couple with 2 huskies; one of them was a 4 month old pup. We started to talk to them and they said that they do it with with their old dog and they normally come on Saturday's. Oh well! After our walk with them, we all walked back to the cars and they were going to show us their scooter. When we walked up we saw a few other couples with their huskies; we almost jumped for joy! We were able to see the dogs get ready and take off on their scooters. Koda was so excited to see them and wanted to go right along too. He had so much fun playing with the little pup that let him forget about his want to go pull. In a few more months we will be able to get Koda out there and he will be able to pull just like he was meant to.

Here are some video's of the Urban Mushers:



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