Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dog Park

Koda had his first trip to the dog park this weekend! We were so nervous to bring him there because of all the horror stories about people not watching their dogs and their dogs attacking other ones. There is one a few miles from our house and it was in a nice part of town so we figured maybe people would be more apt to watch their pooches. The moment we got there Koda was so excited to see all the other dogs. He wanted to be let off his leash. We let him off and he took off running for the other dogs. He was chasing everyone and they in return chased him. However, all the fun was short lived when another dog who didnt know his own size or strength started to pile drive full force into Koda. He started to bark to warn him to stop but he didnt listen then all of a sudden Koda started to cry for help. Jeff picked him up and he wouldn't stop crying. He was so scared that the big dog wouldn't leave him alone. Well being the puppy he is he just wanted to love and snuggle time with mommy and daddy. After a minute or two he had forgotten everything and wanted to go play again. A little bit later another husky came to join the party. He was a 6 year old who wanted to do his own thing, he just ran around the entire place just checking everything out. Koda did find another friend who just loved to play catch. He would run and Koda would try to catch him. It was definitely a fun day and will be back another time. He was so tired on the way home and had to get a lovely bath since he is covered in doggie drool and his white fun is now brown.
Checking out the new place

Koda and Daddy
Dexter the Siberian Husky with our baby

Running full speed

It's scary to think Koda will be bigger than him! He is only 50lbs

But I dont want to go home

ok maybe Im a little tired

Ok Im a lot tired!

bath time
I told you I dont like baths!

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  1. wooo! The dog park is a blast! We love seeing the pics- meeting other huskerboos is always a good time!

    RA & Isis


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