Friday, April 8, 2011

Yet another trip to the vet

I swear for the amount of times we go to the vet they will need to have a special room devoted to us. Well Koda's stool has been getting worse and today we are back to diarrhea. SERIOUSLY?! We took Koda in and the vet says they didn't see any Giarrdia  in his stool but it doesn't mean it isn't there. Soooo we are back on the original meds we went on the first time. One part of the problem is hopefully going to be under control, but we are now faced with a whole new potential problem. He thinks that he may have some sort of food allergy. Koda was originally on a chicken based puppy food but went off when we had all the first run about with diarrhea. When we put him back on his stool was never quite "normal". Everything he has been eating is chicken; chicken puppy food, chicken based treats, and just plain old chicken and pasta. We can't win for loosing. Koda may in fact have some sort of allergy to chicken. So now we are feeding him cottage cheese and pasta then start him on a completely different type of protein for his dog food. While we were there he gave him a couple of different kinds of proteins to see which on he would eat. We both laughed cause Koda's nick name is "treat whore". He will do anything, and I mean anything for a treat! We the first one he gave him was a sweat potato treat and he spit that thing out so far it almost hit us! THAT'S MY BOY!!!! He is just like me, can't get that stuff far enough away from us! It was the funniest thing ever! Well so far he ate the duck and lamb. We'll just have to see if anyone of those give him any GI reaction. It's only sometime around 2145 and its about time for me to go to bed... I know I know LAME! But we are getting up early to go see the Urban Mushers again and we start our first training class. Level 1 training here we come!

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  1. Ahhh poor Koda. At least the vet has an idea of what's wrong. that's a plus.
    We call Leloo a treat whore too! That's funny. We call her favorite treat, a bone marrow treat her puppy crake.
    I hope the new food helps and good luck with training!


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