Monday, April 18, 2011

4 teeth!!!

Koda is becoming such a big boy! he has lost his 4 front teeth, the two uppers and two downers. The new ones are starting to come in and they look so cute! I'm still hoping that I can find at least one of his teeth when they fall out. Some more exciting news, we were doing some training with him today and when Jeff said "Down" he went down all on his own with no cues. It wasn't just one time, he did it a few times in a row. YEAH!!!! Our little boy is growing up!

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  1. AWESOME on all counts!!! We start Leloo's second training course tonight and I am equally excited. You know we never did find any of leloo's baby teeth. I was the same way, I wanted to keep one.
    Good luck on the rest of the training!


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