Saturday, July 23, 2011

Been awhile

Well it has been awhile since I've posted but we have been so busy trying to get everything settled. We have been here for 2 weeks so far and boy has time flown by. We finally got our stuff on Tuesday and have been trying to unpack everything. Koda has been loving it up here so far but he unfortunately got a cold kinda after we arrived. He is finally getting over it and is getting back to his old self. The poor thing had the worst runny nose and was sneezing all the time. He now just has a cough and that is not all the time. We have found him a new day care and he loves going, but he just loves playing with other pups. We have been going to the dog park when we can and we went to this dog park that backs up to Lake Washington. Koda LOVED going in and splashing around. But lately Koda has been going to day care since I have started my new job and haven't been home much lately. I dont think Koda cares one way or another, he just loves seeing the pups when he gets there then seeing me at the end of the day.

Such a happy puppy on top of the bridge

One of Koda's favorite spots to sleep

The view from the dog park

Just outside of the dog park... we loved walking through it

Sunset from our living room... and its 10pm!

Koda decided to make himself very comfortable

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Doggie Park

Well we survived our first day in Seattle and so far we like it! Koda is sooooo loving this weather and to say the least we are too! The thermometer says its in the 70's but it feels like the 80's. We have had a fire every night so far in our new fire place and Koda is not sure what to make of it. There are so many kids in our neighborhood and they are OBSESSED with Koda. Every time i come home they always ask if Koda can come out to play. Its really cute! I took Koda to the dog park twice yesterday. This dog park was not created by the city, but by a non-profit organization. I had a really hard time finding it cause it is in a little canyon off a trail. Its huge to say the least but there is no running water for the pups, so we have to bring our own (which is probably a good thing). We couldnt stay too long in the afternoon cause I had to pick up my car from the shippers. But we were able to come back that night and it started to rain on us when we pulled up. Yes our first Seattle rain storm. There was another doggie there and boy oh boy did they have a blast running around. There are two agility bridges (not sure what they are called) and we taught Koda how to go up it. I think we have a new hobby for this pup. He couldnt keep himself off of it. He loved running up and down it and thought it was hilarious the other dog wouldn't go near it. The pictures and video I took are from our day trip since I forgot my camera on the night outing.
The agility bridges I mentioned

It just keeps going!

Koda making friends

Koda getting ready to pounce... what he does best ;-)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Video's of our trip

The back of our new house!

The view

Mount Rainer

our trip up to Washington

Well we finally made it to Seattle Washington! Boy it was a long few days but we are here and very tired! We were supposed to leave at 8am on Friday morning, but NOPE we didnt end up leaving until 5:30PM. The stupid moving company we used asked us to move our pickup to Friday morning instead of Thursday morning. They promised us that they would be there before 8am and be done in 2 hours. Well that wasnt what actually happened. They didnt show up utnil 1230 and were still going strong on the packing when we left at 530. Thank goodness for Jeff's parents who stayed and while they "finished" packing. They weren't able to get everything on the truck so they had to come back TODAY and finish it. GRRRR... we aren't going to get our stuff until Wed or Thurs at the earliest. So now we have to sit in our empty town home with nothing to do.

So we left at 530pm and we drove straight until Redding which is 10 hours away and got there at 500am! Boy it was a LONG day! Koda had his first night in a hotel room and was really good! He walked around and sniffed everything and then went to sleep. We got up the next morning and drove straight to Jeff's brothers house in Portland. It was such a beautiful drive! We stopped and some no name town and went on a little hike down to a rapid river. Koda went in the water and even fell in a little bit. He loved being out doors... it was like he was made for it or something ;-P When we got to Portland Koda loved running around Ben and Megan's house! He had so much room to run around and loved rolling in the grass. He was such a happy puppy until some neighbor decided to shoot off a couple of fireworks. Koda started to bark at it at first then he ran and tried to hide. He did such a good job of hiding that we couldnt find him the bushes for a little bit.

But we are now in our new home with no furniture and nothing to unpack. We took a walk around our new lake in our back yard and it was really nice! Koda loves this weather and he such a happy puppy! He is sitting out side looking around and something we can't see... silly puppy! So now I'm going to go sleep on my air mattress now that the sun finally set at 945pm.
And we're off

Koda's first hotel room

Such a tired puppy!

Hike time

Koda and Daddy

Koda and Mommy

Getting his feet wet

Now that is a happy face if I ever saw one!

back to sleep

photo shoot time

You can't hide from me daddy!

I'll find you

He loves really tall grass!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Last Day in California!

Well today was Koda's last full day of being in HOT southern California. I dont think he understands but knows that he was getting LOTS of love from everyone... which I know he understands. We went to say goodbye to Dr. Bass and everyone at the Newport Pet Clinic. He loves that place (and so do we!); not only do they have awesome treats for him, everyone there is so amazing, they love him all so much but they fixed him and made him into a "normal" puppy! FINALLY! Again who would have thought that wanting a puppy to poop normally would be at the top of our list.

Today he went to his last day at daycare at Wags and Wiggles in Tustin. He loves going there! He knows when we pull around the corner where he is. Every time we pick him up he is soooooo tired and just wants to sleep all night! Like they say, a tired husky is a good husky! We will miss everyone and I know he will miss them.

Tomorrow we start our long drive up to Washington and hopefully he will be good and want to look out the window or sleep. He is plenty tired now so we'll see how he is tomorrow.

I'm hot why are you holding me???

Koda loves Dr. Bass!

Daycare :)

what he does best... looking good :)

Such a ham

Thank you Uncle Kevin and Aunt Tracy!!! I LOVE my new toy! it has TWO squeakers

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saying Goodbye to California

Well we have officially started the countdown to us moving. Seattle here we come in less than 6 days! We are officially moving up on Friday and still have so much left to do! I need a month or more just to get everything I want to do done. The hardest part of saying goodbye to California is saying good bye to our friends. We are so lucky to have such great friends that we had a huge turn out to come and say good bye at an awesome dinner at the Lazy Dog Restaurant. Not only does this place have great food but they let you bring your dogs! Koda loves going there! Yesterday to help celebrate Koda's first 4th of July we took him to the doggie park for his last time. There weren't too many dogs there but he had fun running around. I do think Koda will like Washington more just due to the weather. It has been so hot here that he has been so lazy and doesn't want to do anything. The A/C in our place has been on during the day and he sits right where 2 vents cross so he can get the most out of it. Such a smart puppy!