Sunday, March 27, 2011

Run Koda Run!!!

What a busy weekend for our little guy! Well so far Koda is doing better. He does have Giardia again and is on a few different meds. The vet thinks it was probably either from the rain or the water in our area. Where we live they use reclaimed water in our neighborhood and the vet said that some puppies can get it from the grass. I guess it is just something we have to deal with until he gets older. This is what happens when people try to go green... our puppies suffer ;-P haha! His diarrhea is getting better but now the lovely Giardia mucus stool is coming out... YUCK! We have him on a special diet until tomorrow to help give his GI tract a little break. They also had to give him a subcutaneous fluid bolus. That pretty much means where all the fur is between his shoulder blades they stuffed a boat load of fluid there. He looked like a hunchback! This helped him stay hydrated while we fasted him for 6 hours yesterday and not have to give him IV hydration. Well the hump is gone and he is back to his usual self. In-fact I don't think he even noticed it was there.

Later on that night we went down to Jeff's parents house since it was the last time we would see his brother and his girlfriend before they went back home. It was funny to see him sniff EVERYTHING! His poor nose was in overdrive and left no spot un-sniffed. His parents also have 2 cats... that was interesting! This was Koda's first encountered with anything but a dog. He started to husky talk/bark; for those who have husky's you know what this sounds like. It sounds like a bark but when a dog has lost his voice... its really quite but you can tell he is trying to talk at the same time. All Koda wanted to do was play with the cats, but they wanted nothing to do with him. At one point we got them close to each other (but they weren't able to touch in anyway) and the cats started to hiss and try to swat at him. He gave a, "WHAT THE HELL" howl.

Today we were originally going to take him to the mountains to let him play in the snow but we wanted to him a little break. He slept all morning and part of the early afternoon. Once he officially woke up he wanted to play and go outside. We took him down the street to where we have this HUGE trail; we went on a 3 mile run! He loved seeing all the dogs and people out walking and loved running through the spots where there was tall grass. He was bounding through it and had a huge smile on his face! He is now pooped and laying at our feet below our couch. He wants to be around us all the time and we love having him. Jeff and I still can't believe that he is ours and we are responsible for him. We can tell that he loves us just as much cause when we are on a run or just out and about he always looks around to make sure we are there. If he can't see us right away he runs to us, he doesn't do that with anyone else but us. We love our little boy!

Koda talking to Kizmet on the stairs

Charlies is on the left and Kizmet is on the right

Getting ready for our run

Such a happy boy

"Hey say hi to me!!"

Water break

Koda trying to pull Jeff

Such a happy puppy after a long run


  1. I so wish I could do the rollerblading. I'm jealous. I tried last summer, but couldn't get the balancing down. I'm hoping this summer I can do it.

    Leloo's experience with my parent's cat did not go well. They just don't get along, so you are very lucky the cats even stayed in the room.

  2. What a beautiful little huskerboo! we love going to the mountains to play in the snow, he sure is lucky:)

    RA & Isis


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