Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day hike

I know it has been awhile since I posted but I've been super busy with work and unpacking. It seems like we will never be out of boxes. But we finally had a weekend that we wanted to celebrate Jeff's birthday on. We went to Greenriver Trail which is by Mount Rainier. It was such a perfect day to go on a hike and this was Koda's first time to the mountains. Boy oh boy he was like a kid in a candy store. He was sniffing everything and kept pulling us to go faster. We got him a little backpack to carry his water and food, he looked so adorable! He looked like a true mountaineer! He didnt like it at first but when he got outside he didnt seem to notice it anymore. It was such a beautiful hike, there were so many rivers running by and bridges going over it. Koda is still getting over his fear of small bridges but he did very good and scooted across as fast as he could. He loved going down to the river and playing in them. He couldn't get enough of it. We ate lunch at the top of the trail and there was this open spot that we let Koda run around at. He was so tired at the end of our hike but he had such a great time that he didnt want to leave... I guess that means we have to go back again real soon. The best part of the hike was that it was really warm but the entire hike was shaded!

Yesterday we had agility training and Koda did SOOOO great! I didnt even know who this dog was, he did every obstacle and did it really fast too! We were up to five obstacles which is unheard of for a level 101 doggie (especially for a puppy!) according to our teacher. The hardest part of agility is the time of year we are doing it in... we are under a tent in the middle of summer so its EXTREMELY hot in there. Towards the end of class he is really tired cause he is just so hot. Hopefully sometime during the month we can go watch some trials so we know what we are getting ourselves into. Hopefully one day we will be able to compete with Koda. He really seems to enjoy it and since he is so young we are hoping we will be able to do it with him for a long time. The best part of having Koda in agility is not just the exercise or having him enjoy himself, but he is learning to watch us and listen to us more and more. He is already such a great dog, but he is learning to watch us for cues. We went to the dog park last week and he didnt run off immediately after getting off his lease like he normally does. He ran a few steps, stopped, looked back at us and waited for us to get to him and then we had to release him. He did that a few times, he wasn't sure if he was allowed to run off. Man of man do we love our pup!

Well that is it for now, gotta run some errands then we are going to the dog park or on a run.

My mountain dog all ready to go

getting ready to go in the chute for the first time

Monday, August 1, 2011

Busy week

Well it has been one eventful week for our little man. Since I had to work every day Koda went to daycare everyday and would come home EXHAUSTED! I thought he was just running around everywhere, but was I wrong. He was running around alright but he was running around with his new GIRLFRIEND! Koda met a very cute all white husky pup. Her name is Crystal and they are attached at the hip. When I would drop him off he would run to the door where she would be looking through the window. When I would pick him up she would cry/howl for him. Koda would be talking back to her. The people at the daycare say they are inseparable and are really cute together. To bad they both have been fixed cause they would make REALLY cute babies! Every morning Koda sits by the door thinking he is going to see Crystal. My little boy's first love :)

Yesterday Koda went to his first day of agility. He loved it! He is learning to go up the ramp, jump over a pole, stand on a table, go through the tunnel and weave through the weave poles. He is really good at everything except for the ramp. He loves the ramp normally but this one is really narrow and he is now freaked out cause he fell off of it and is now a little scared. We are working with him on it and he is slowly getting over it. But we really think this could be Koda's calling... he is really good and keeps wanting to run up the A frame. So proud of our little boy, and we just love seeing him enjoy something!

This is a picture of a picture but it's Koda and Crystal playing together

Passed out in his favorite spot