Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy 4 Month Birthday!

Sitting in front of the fan after our run
Our little puppy is becoming a dog! Koda turned 4 months old today and is getting bigger every day! The past 2 months have been the best and the most challenging ones of our lives. Our normal routines have been turned completely upside down and what is this thing called sleep people talk about... haha! Koda sleeps through the night (which is awesome) but he wakes up every morning at 6! However, we wouldn't have it any other way! I can't imagine not having him here. When he is gone at day care or when I'm on my way home, I can't wait to see my boy! I just never thought I would ever know anyone who liked peanut butter more than me... Koda is obsessed with it! Well I can only imagine how much more is going to happen in the up coming months! Happy 4 month birthday to my sweet little boy!

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  1. Happy 4 months Koda! Woo are a beautiful little huskerboo indeed! Looking forward to many more pics little one!

    RA & Isis


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