Monday, April 25, 2011

Puppy's first easter

We took Koda down to his Jeff's parents house for Easter. On the drive down he smelled the nursery store and their lovely fertilizer. He was sticking his head out the window and started to howl at it, it was hilarious! When we got there he started to sniff out the place and was on a serious mission to smell out every possible smell. We took him out side to play on the grass and all he wanted to do was pull up the grass. He probably ate a good pound of grass! He is paying the price for it today... he has kind of an upset stomach. But towards the end of the night the kitty started to get a little brave and Koda wanted to play with her. It was too funny to see how much cats and dogs don't mix!
Howling at the lovely smell of fertilizer

That can't taste good

asleep with his best friend... froggie

Cat carefully keeps a close eye out


  1. BOL! Such a little cutie! Glad woo all had a nice Easter!


  2. Love the pictures! Don't you just love the howling?


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