Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Koda goes to work

Well against all my nervousness Koda went with Jeff to work today so I could sleep for a few hours. I was so sad having my little boy leave but I was SOOO tired! We can't wait for him to get a little better before we can have him go back to puppy day care. Again sorry if this is too graphic but it looks like we are kicking the diarrhea business and he is coughing a little less. He really only coughs when he really starts to talk or whine. Looks like the medicine is starting to work and hopefully either tomorrow or the next day we can start transitioning him to back to puppy food. Although he is really loving chicken! Yesterday before work I was cooking up a couple pieces and he was sitting next to me in the kitchen smelling the air; he was "OOHH is that what I think it is?!?!" I gave him a piece and he started to bounce around the kitchen begging for more (probably not a great idea). Well Jeff did take him to work for a few hours and apparently he loved it there! He brought all of his toys and his blanket. He just sat there playing with his toys while momma slept. Now if we can only get him to be ok in his pen again that would be a miracle! With all the diarrhea he was having we had to take him out every time he cried just in case he had to go. Well now he thinks if he cries we will come right away... back to square one i guess.

My water

Big hugs!

I got it... I got it!!!

Look at how tall I am!

The unblinking stare... He always wins!

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