Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meeting new friends

Koda learns how to play nice

This one is a little harder to balance on

yet we still try

Play time

She is trying to get a boyfriend...

Dakota... Koda's new BFF


Koda and Daddy

Koda gets a shot

What a busy weekend for our little boy! Bright and early on Saturday we had our second puppy class. Koda seems to love going there since he always gets treats. Well he only gets treats for doing his task but he is learning quick! Yesterday he learned how not to jump, not to bike and play nice/constructively. It's a slow progress but he is learning none the less. There was another puppy there that we were able to play with; she was a golden retriever/german shepard mix. When it came time for them to play with each other she would try to play with Koda so Koda would play back but she got scared and ran away. It was quite funny to see her pick fights then run off.

Well after puppy class Jeff had to go to work to help clean up their server room. We were actually able to bring Koda since Jeff's boss brought his. His dog was a mix of a bunch of different dogs but had a good 40-45 pounds on Koda. The funny thing is, they have the same name... well kinda. His name is Dakota but they call him Kota. They had a blast playing with each other, and Kota taught our Koda how to play nice and if you are to play bite, bite nicely. They played for a couple of hours until Koda started to get pooped. When I brought him home he fell asleep in the car and barely had enough energy to eat lunch.

Well today he was still a little pooped was being such a good boy in his play pen. He even let us take a THREE HOUR NAP!!! Needless to say we were pooped as well. After our nap we all went for a nice long run. On our run we ran into another Siberian Husky in the park. He was a full grown dog and it is weird to see how big our little boy is going to be!!! We could tell Koda can tell the different between another husky and every other dog. He has a different look on his face and wants to be very affectionate! Now our little boy is running around the house hyper as a banche until he gets dinner.

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