Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Puppy Socialite

Passed out after day care
Can't help but snuggle my baby when he sleeps
Koda playing with Chloe and Maggie
The kids climbing on Julianne
Gotta get a butt sniff in
Well we don't think Koda has any social issues anymore, he loves to play and run around until he is too tired to realize he is tired. The last 2 days we took him to puppy day care so we could get some play time and he is running around like there is no tomorrow. They even said that they are probably going to graduate him to the big dog play room next week. He is such a punk and picks on the little dogs and plays like he is a big dog. Hopefully he will get moved up so he can get knocked down a little bit. He needs to realize that there are bigger dogs than him.

Today we had a puppy play date with Julianne Miller and her little pugs. Maggie and Chloe are Koda's new girlfriends. They ran around and pooped themselves out and chewed on some chew toys with each other. It was also a first for Koda that he humped Chloe!!! I was shocked to see my little boy doing what he was doing! Good thing the date is already set to get him neutered. He is now sleeping so I can get to work and start moving our stuff to our new place.

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  1. Yay for being a hit at the daycare! Congrats on the new place!


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