Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Siberian Husky's are children with fur

While my little boy sleeps in his pen after a fun filled day at daycare, I started to catch up on things that I have neglected. One of my little joys is a blog that I follow of one my patients I took care of a few months back. She had a beautiful little boy who was born with a congenital defect. The proud momma started a blog for her little boy and of course I was very interested to see how he was doing. Every couple of days she would update us on his condition. Well after a couple of weeks of not checking her blog I just found out that her little boy passed away at the very young age of 6 1/2 weeks. I know it sounds lame but reading her blog reminded me of all the time I spent with our first little puppy at the hospital. You can never erase the memory of your little puppy or child with a million tubes every where. She was there and able to hold him when he took his last breath. Not only am I extremely sad for her and her husbands loss but it just makes me wonder why do people/pets have to suffer so much before they eventually end up passing. Our first little pup had so many procedures, tubes and staples that when I look back was cruel and we shouldn't have done any of it. But I keep trying to tell myself that we had no idea of what his outcome was going to be. Hearing her hurt and sadness come through her blog breaks my heart and I don't wish this on my worst enemy. This blog I am doing in memory of our little puppy that is up in puppy heaven with his other brothers and sisters.

Koda I was a beautiful grey and white Siberian Husky with striking blue eyes... every complemented his icy blue eyes. You could see how much he wanted to play even when he wasn't feeling well. He was the biggest fur ball and you could tell he was going to take after his dad (very woolly). Every husky has a howl, and they all sound different. His always made me laugh, even to this day when I think of it I start to break out in a sea of laughter. My only regret was not to have it on video... he sounded like a rooster! I swear he must have been a rooster in a previous life. He was the biggest cuddle bug ever and just wanted to be held all the time! When he wasn't feeling well he would walk around me in a circle then crawl into my lap and look up at me. He knew he was loved and safe! When he was in the hospital everyone there was so sweet, not only to him but to us as well. They always referred to us as Koda's mom and dad. They went out of there way to make sure we had our special time with him. They allowed us to see him when other facilities would say no. He had the best doctors and vet techs taking care of him. Even when he passed he was surrounded with people that truly cared about him. The staff cried with him and just hugged me letting me know that they fell in love with him as much as we have. Even to this day they still remember him. I had to call them a month ago after we brought home our little boy and they remembered us!

To anyone who has a child... and yes pets are our children, just know that life can suck sometimes. But when I look at where I am now I know I have a sweet little puppy that we love more than anything. We still have not forgotten our other pup, and miss him everyday!
The only time he ate willingly for us

He LOVED to crawl between your legs

The only picture I have with him when he is looking at the camera and I look horrid!

He was so tiny

Such a happy puppy

My favorite picture of him
This is him perky
After we brought him home from the first "hospital"

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