Saturday, February 5, 2011

We're Moving!!

Well after trying to figure out what where we were going to live, we finally found a place! It is a 3 bedroom 2 bath, 2 story house. We are in love with it and it will be awesome until we decide to head up to Washington. The new house is only a few miles down the road in Irvine (a little further for me for work, but ehh) in a really nice area. We unfortunately fell in love with Tustin Ranch and really don't want to leave the area, but any house here is RIDICULOUSLY over priced for what you get. At least we can come back whenever we want (which we will!!!) The cool thing is our little boy will have his own room! Yes I know he is a dog, however, he is my child until we decide to have kids, so until then I will treat him as such (my little prince). It will be hard moving with a little puppy but he wont be able to leave the house so he can just follow me around while I pack. We will have a month to slowly move stuff over so it should keep him entertained going back and forth. Hopefully leaving his mom then leaving our place for a new one won't be too many changes for him. So if anyone wants to come help us pack or move it will very appreciated!! Once we get everything settled we'll have an open house party :) Well that is it for the update for now. 5 more days!

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