Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy 7th week birthday!!

Well I thought I was going to cancel my blog about my little boy after all the hurtful comments I received. But my dad is right, who ever would say something so hurtful about a little puppy is just plain rude! Jeff and I watch "Ten Things I Hate About You" tonight and I always forget all the good morals that movie can bring. 1) Don't drink a boat load of tequila and hit your head on the chandelier, 2) Washington is the best place to live and the most important of all... Don't listen to all the stupid people in the world who just try to pull you down. I am a very sensitive person and I take things to heart. We lost our other little puppy not even 6 months ago after wanting one for so long and being by his side in the hospital for a week. I just shut down after hearing all of the hurtful comments. But the lovely girls of my small group really seemed disappointed after hearing I was going to stop my blog. I realized I have amazing people in my life who actually want to hear about our puppy and want to build us up.  SOOO I will continue my blog, even when it's 2 am and I can't sleep cause I work such a weird schedule that I dont operate like a normal person anymore.

Well I received a call from Heather (the breeder) and we set up a date and time for us to pick up our little boy. We will be getting our little puppy next Thursday at 10am!!!! It can't come fast enough. She said that our Koda is very curious and loves to play. His mom has been playing a little rough with him and the other pups. This is her first litter and I don't quite thinks she understands these little pups are little! I guess this is just teaching him to prepare for when he comes home. I know my dad will want to wrestle on the floor with him just like he does with this 120lb Bullmastif. (We might have to wait until he gets a little bigger first tho)

I just want to have my little puppy home and know that he is healthy and happy. We have so many plans for him and just want to take him everywhere! Well let the countdown begin... 7 days!!!!

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