Monday, February 21, 2011

Puppy Class

Today was Koda's first day of puppy school! He was so overwhelmed in that he was trying to smell everything! This was the first time he was able to have dogs come up to him and he go up to them. He was so nervous and wasn't sure what was happening. For our first class we actually had a private lesson because the only other puppy that was there was in heat and not spayed. I am so thankful that we did not get a female dog, the poor pup had to wear a diaper! If I wanted to deal with diapers I would have a baby myself. I don't really want to change puppy diapers.

We introduced Koda to the clicker and he took to it right away. He knows every time we click he gets a treat. Right now we are working on him responding to his name by looking at us in the eyes. We learned today that it is an insult for a dog to look other dogs in the eyes. We have to teach him that we want him to look at us and he will get rewarded for doing so. On top of knowing his name we are teaching him to come touch his nose to our hands (which will help with heeling later) and sit/release. When we have him sit he is supposed to stay until we say OK. So when he sits we toss a treat and say OK to let him know that it is OK for him to get up.

After we practiced with him for a little bit we were able to introduce him to some of the other dogs (small dogs for now) in the doggy day care. OH MAN was he nervous... he had no idea what to do. The instructor kept him separate from the other dogs and slowly introduced a dog at a time to him. One of the dogs tried to sniff his butt and he was like "what are you doing back there???".  I think it will take some time for him to loosen up around the other dogs. 

When we came home he ate his dinner and crashed HARD! He was so tired and slept for a good 2 hours. Well tomorrow he will be going to his first day of doggy day care. I have to go to work for a couple of hours so it will be good for him to go and get a little more used to the other dogs.
Getting ready to go to class :)

A little nervous, staying close to daddy

He conquered sit!

all the dogs were so interested in him, he is on the left in front of the fence

He is the back observing everything

And.... he's out!

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