Saturday, February 12, 2011

Crate Training in full force

Well last night was a little more difficult than the first, but ehh I love him too much to get frustrated. Today we are going to try and get him used to being in the pen by himself. A very wise friend said to put a mirror by it so he thinks there is another puppy with him. I'm not too sure if it is working yet but it is definitely worth a try! Hopefully soon he will want to be in there so I will be able to sleep when I go back to work.

He is definitely loving his walks tho! He finally learned to go down stairs but still nervous about going up. Once is he is outside he is one happy pup and loves checking everyone out. There are so many people running/walking their dogs/playing in the park. He just wants everyone to check him out and give him loves (he is such a ham). He is getting over being nervous when a car drives by. He loves checking out all the plants and flowers but it makes it hard to walk as he stops every five feet. We started to run with him today and we think for the first time he realized "ohhh I am a running dog". He is running faster than we are (which isn't saying much), so hopefully we will all condition together.

Kevin came over today and brought a present over from him and Tracy. OOHHH man does this guy love his toys! The frees-bee is ten times larger than him but he tries to walk with it regardless. It is so cute to watch how uncoordinated he is.  A very big THANK YOU to Tracy and Kevin!!! The funny thing about the toy it says on the package "not meant for a chew toy". OOPPS! We'll let him chew the heck out of it ;-)

The one thing i think i love most about him is that he loves to play hard and snuggle harder!! He will just let us sleep with him!
Koda says, "Thank you Aunt Tracy and Uncle Kevin!!"

Can't decide if he wants to lie inside or out

My snuggle bear

He just loves to be cuddled!

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