Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1st day of day care

Well today was our little guy's first day of day care! I had skills day today and still don't/can't leave him home alone. Jeff dropped him off and we were both nervous how he was going to get along with the other dogs. When I went to pick him up a few of hours later, the girls told me that he actually played with the other puppies!!! OH WOW, that totally made my day! We really want him to be a social dog and not be afraid of things so this is a great step in the right direction. Normally he takes a nap every couple of hours if not more; well he was so stimulated and energized that he never got one. I picked him up and he just put one arm on each side of my neck and started to fall asleep in my arms! The whole way home he slept. He had just enough energy to go potty and drink some water then he passed out again. I wonder how long he will sleep this afternoon. Although I'm sure I'll be having a nice long walk/run with him once he wakes up.


  1. awww - glad he did fine while you were gone!
    And your comment section works!!

  2. Would have loved to see a picture of him hugging you like that!
    -Debbie Sopchak


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