Friday, February 11, 2011

Clean bill of health!

Well we survived our first night and he did great! He only woke up twice, once for being lonely second time cause he had to use the restroom. Sorry I have to say it again, we have the best puppy ever!

This morning we had our first visit to the vet, well second for him and oh my gosh did people gush over him. Everyone wanted to come and see him. He did so good for the doc and let him do and see everything he wanted. But here is the great part... he weighed in at a grand total of 10 pounds 4.5 ounces!!!! OMG SUCH A BEEFCAKE! The doc couldn't tell us one bad thing (which is a first for us!). He was even allowed to get his second set of shots! We are so over protective of him and the doc told us that we need to socialize him with other people and dogs (not strange dogs, only one's we know who have all of their shots). We are a little nervous but we know it is for the best. We also had him tested for parvo and should know the results either tomorrow or the next day. The vet doesn't think we has it at all, but we wanted to have it done to put our minds at ease.

After our trip to the vet we took our little boy for his first walk around the neighborhood (on the advise of the vet). He first scared of the cars that would drive by, but then he was just interested in them. He was pooped after the walk was over. After he woke up we gave him his first bath, and man oh man did he not like it. But that will just be something he will have to get used to... haha!

The best part of everything is that he is almost potty trained. He knows where he needs to go and every time he wakes up he goes right to the door to go outside. He is super smart!!!! I am so blessed and so in love!
Excited to be at the Vet's... everyone loved him there

such a mad face after his first bath

trying to escape the tub ;-)

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