Thursday, February 10, 2011

He's Home!!!

Well what can we say... WE HAVE THE BEST PUPPY IN THE WORLD!!! At this very moment he is asleep in his pen that Jeff built for him. The whole way home he was either sleeping next to us or he was looking around. We were joking with Heather (the breeder) "wouldn't it be nice to have a quite drive home..." we all laughed because we knew that was a LONNGG shot! Well IT HAPPENED! He didn't bark or howl once! To top off that... we didnt even have one accident! Every time we let him out at a stop he did what he needed to do. (ok I know this may be a little TMI for some of you) He didn't even have any diarrhea... all formed! We are so proud of our little man!

We arrived home and all he wanted to do was wonder around and sniff everything! We couldn't get him from exploring for one second until we squeak a squeaker toy... It was all over! He is OBSESSED with his toys! He will just play with them until he finds something else to distract him... which is actually harder than you think. Well he is eating and drinking and so far no vomit! For those who are not familiar with parvo... those are all signs of it. Tomorrow morning we have our first check up with the vet, so fingers crossed he gets a clean bill of health!

Well to top off our day, we put a deposit down on our new place. Yes we are moving... finally! The best part is, we are only moving 2 doors down. The place next to ours is MUCH bigger and will be great for our little man. Sooo soon we will get the keys and we can start to make the long walk (totally kidding there) to move over our stuff.

God seriously blessed us with an amazing puppy, and we know that this was a gift from our dear Cynthia. 2 years ago today she passed away, we know she is looking down on us and smiling and LOVING Koda!
Here are some pics of our little guy

Profile shot looking out the window

All snuggled up and ready for the drive home

Just woke up from a nap

He loves to walk himself :)

The for mentioned squeaker toy

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