Sunday, July 10, 2011

our trip up to Washington

Well we finally made it to Seattle Washington! Boy it was a long few days but we are here and very tired! We were supposed to leave at 8am on Friday morning, but NOPE we didnt end up leaving until 5:30PM. The stupid moving company we used asked us to move our pickup to Friday morning instead of Thursday morning. They promised us that they would be there before 8am and be done in 2 hours. Well that wasnt what actually happened. They didnt show up utnil 1230 and were still going strong on the packing when we left at 530. Thank goodness for Jeff's parents who stayed and while they "finished" packing. They weren't able to get everything on the truck so they had to come back TODAY and finish it. GRRRR... we aren't going to get our stuff until Wed or Thurs at the earliest. So now we have to sit in our empty town home with nothing to do.

So we left at 530pm and we drove straight until Redding which is 10 hours away and got there at 500am! Boy it was a LONG day! Koda had his first night in a hotel room and was really good! He walked around and sniffed everything and then went to sleep. We got up the next morning and drove straight to Jeff's brothers house in Portland. It was such a beautiful drive! We stopped and some no name town and went on a little hike down to a rapid river. Koda went in the water and even fell in a little bit. He loved being out doors... it was like he was made for it or something ;-P When we got to Portland Koda loved running around Ben and Megan's house! He had so much room to run around and loved rolling in the grass. He was such a happy puppy until some neighbor decided to shoot off a couple of fireworks. Koda started to bark at it at first then he ran and tried to hide. He did such a good job of hiding that we couldnt find him the bushes for a little bit.

But we are now in our new home with no furniture and nothing to unpack. We took a walk around our new lake in our back yard and it was really nice! Koda loves this weather and he such a happy puppy! He is sitting out side looking around and something we can't see... silly puppy! So now I'm going to go sleep on my air mattress now that the sun finally set at 945pm.
And we're off

Koda's first hotel room

Such a tired puppy!

Hike time

Koda and Daddy

Koda and Mommy

Getting his feet wet

Now that is a happy face if I ever saw one!

back to sleep

photo shoot time

You can't hide from me daddy!

I'll find you

He loves really tall grass!


  1. Awesome pics of your trip mate!!


  2. Jeff & Taryne,

    Just looked at the postings!

    The Apt view looks great!
    Koda looks ready for the NW adventure!

    Greg & Sue


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