Thursday, July 7, 2011

Last Day in California!

Well today was Koda's last full day of being in HOT southern California. I dont think he understands but knows that he was getting LOTS of love from everyone... which I know he understands. We went to say goodbye to Dr. Bass and everyone at the Newport Pet Clinic. He loves that place (and so do we!); not only do they have awesome treats for him, everyone there is so amazing, they love him all so much but they fixed him and made him into a "normal" puppy! FINALLY! Again who would have thought that wanting a puppy to poop normally would be at the top of our list.

Today he went to his last day at daycare at Wags and Wiggles in Tustin. He loves going there! He knows when we pull around the corner where he is. Every time we pick him up he is soooooo tired and just wants to sleep all night! Like they say, a tired husky is a good husky! We will miss everyone and I know he will miss them.

Tomorrow we start our long drive up to Washington and hopefully he will be good and want to look out the window or sleep. He is plenty tired now so we'll see how he is tomorrow.

I'm hot why are you holding me???

Koda loves Dr. Bass!

Daycare :)

what he does best... looking good :)

Such a ham

Thank you Uncle Kevin and Aunt Tracy!!! I LOVE my new toy! it has TWO squeakers

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  1. Love the pictures! Have a safe trip and take lots of pics bol!!


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