Friday, July 1, 2011

Camped out at day for a weekend

Well it's been awhile since I've posted but it's been a crazy time trying to pack and move up to Seattle, WA. We went to go see my parents last weekend and we didn't bring Koda with so we had him spend the weekend where he goes to daycare. I think I missed him more than he missed us, although, he did snuggle so much when he got home. He couldn't get enough of us, and still can't. The older he gets the snugglier he gets :) I did get a phone call about 30 min after I picked him up from the day care and they told me something I dont know what to think. They told me that when they were getting him ready to come home that he "mouthed" one of the girls there. He is a puppy! Puppies mouth, they flat out said that he didn't necessarily bite, but they wanted me to know. He has never bit anyone, or us, but he is a puppy and they use their mouths. STUPID! Plus when they get the dogs ready to go home they take them to this certain room where they only go when they go home, so he knew he was going home, probably very excited and maybe got over excited. Well needless to say I am every excited to have him home and I'm going to be a HUGE wreck when we will have to leave him for 13 days when we are in Florida. Well time to get back to packing... 7 days and counting till we hit the road.

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