Saturday, July 23, 2011

Been awhile

Well it has been awhile since I've posted but we have been so busy trying to get everything settled. We have been here for 2 weeks so far and boy has time flown by. We finally got our stuff on Tuesday and have been trying to unpack everything. Koda has been loving it up here so far but he unfortunately got a cold kinda after we arrived. He is finally getting over it and is getting back to his old self. The poor thing had the worst runny nose and was sneezing all the time. He now just has a cough and that is not all the time. We have found him a new day care and he loves going, but he just loves playing with other pups. We have been going to the dog park when we can and we went to this dog park that backs up to Lake Washington. Koda LOVED going in and splashing around. But lately Koda has been going to day care since I have started my new job and haven't been home much lately. I dont think Koda cares one way or another, he just loves seeing the pups when he gets there then seeing me at the end of the day.

Such a happy puppy on top of the bridge

One of Koda's favorite spots to sleep

The view from the dog park

Just outside of the dog park... we loved walking through it

Sunset from our living room... and its 10pm!

Koda decided to make himself very comfortable

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