Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Doggie Park

Well we survived our first day in Seattle and so far we like it! Koda is sooooo loving this weather and to say the least we are too! The thermometer says its in the 70's but it feels like the 80's. We have had a fire every night so far in our new fire place and Koda is not sure what to make of it. There are so many kids in our neighborhood and they are OBSESSED with Koda. Every time i come home they always ask if Koda can come out to play. Its really cute! I took Koda to the dog park twice yesterday. This dog park was not created by the city, but by a non-profit organization. I had a really hard time finding it cause it is in a little canyon off a trail. Its huge to say the least but there is no running water for the pups, so we have to bring our own (which is probably a good thing). We couldnt stay too long in the afternoon cause I had to pick up my car from the shippers. But we were able to come back that night and it started to rain on us when we pulled up. Yes our first Seattle rain storm. There was another doggie there and boy oh boy did they have a blast running around. There are two agility bridges (not sure what they are called) and we taught Koda how to go up it. I think we have a new hobby for this pup. He couldnt keep himself off of it. He loved running up and down it and thought it was hilarious the other dog wouldn't go near it. The pictures and video I took are from our day trip since I forgot my camera on the night outing.
The agility bridges I mentioned

It just keeps going!

Koda making friends

Koda getting ready to pounce... what he does best ;-)

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