Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sorry Koda

Well our poor boy has been fighting with his diarrhea issues for about a month now. We were giving him pumpkin with his meals and it was definitely helping, but we didnt want to give him pumpkin forever. We started to wean him off the pumpkin and of course his diarrhea came right back. We took him to the vet yesterday and they ran a diarrhea panel to see if anything is going on with him. The vet thinks he may have a fiber deficiency but he isn't completely sure. We started to give him a fiber supplement but we didnt read the bottle extremely close. He bottle said it was a fiber supplement to help relieve constipation, not diarrhea. OOPS! We took him to daycare today and as I was pulling up to get him they were trying to call me. Apparently his diarrhea was SO bad today they had to pull him out. I couldn't believe it had gotten that bad... oh but it did! Tonight he went outside and it was like water coming out. I felt so bad! I went and gave him an entire can of pumpkin! Hopefully soon he will start to have regular poop again.

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  1. Poor Koda! I've always heard that sibes were prone to sensitive tummies, but hopefully you can find some sorta new food that works for him. What kind of food is he eating now?


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