Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hopefully an answer!

Yesterday we received a call from Koda's doc; he had the results from the diarrhea panel we did last week. This test looks for about 8 different things. Unfortunately, Koda still has GIARRDIA! I swear this dog will have that forever! But he also has something called cryptosporidium, its another bug that lives with other lovely bugs. The vet says its not that common so they normally dont test for it, but it does cause long term diarrhea. So we are one some more meds, but hopefully we will have some normal poop from Koda in the near future. He hasnt had normal poop on his own since he was 9 weeks old!  So for now we are feeding him, his food, pumpkin, Metamucil, probiotics, 2 different meds and a multivitamin! We dream of the day where we just feed him his food. Our poor pup!

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