Saturday, May 21, 2011

Finally!!! I got a tooth!

Well we were down to his final couple baby teeth and out on our run I finally got one of them! We were trying to run but all he wanted to do was roll around on the grass. He kept rolling around scratching his head, until he finally stopped sat up and was chewing on something that sounded a lot like a rock. I opened his mouth to get it out and it was a TOOTH! All I wanted was to get a tooth, and it finally happened. Well I guess mother nature gave me pay back for taking one of his teeth that already fell out, because a little bit later I totally fell while we were running. Well let me re-phrase that, he runs I Rollerblade. Well I totally cut up my knee and ripped a hole in my pants. But I got a puppy tooth out of the deal... not to bad if I do say so myself ;-P hahaha
Love a tired huksy... all they want to do is snuggle!

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