Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stitches free :)

I was able to get Koda's stitches out a day early, and thank goodness we did! He was one happy puppy when he came out of the vet's office. He knew that he was able to be a puppy again, but little did he know that he was going to go to the doggie park that night. He was so excited to even get in the car but omg was he so excited when he realized where he was. He was like a bull out of a shoot when he got through the gates. He kept running around and was playing with every single dog there! He was so excited when he saw his husky friends there. He even made himself a little sick because he kept running around when he wasn't in his old condition. He hasn't been able to run for a little over 2 weeks so he is a little bit out of shape. Well we finally had a tired husky on our hands last night!

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