Sunday, June 5, 2011

Husky Gang

On Friday night, Jeff and I took Koda to the doggie park and oh my gosh was it awesome! There were so many huskies there and it was so much fun seeing Koda play with them. There was another pup there and she was 7 months old, all the rest were adults. Koda was almost as big as the full grown huskies... oh man is Koda going to be HUGE! His paws are still so big for him, everyone keeps saying he is going to be a really big husky when he is all done growing. All the huskies wanted to play with each other and it was like a little gang, cause if another dog tried to mess with any of them, all of them would go up to that dog and try to stick up for their fellow husky. It's funny though, cause Koda to us looks like a full grown dog and acts like one too, but when you get him around another dog who is full grown and acts like it, you can totally tell he is still a pup :) I had such a blast at the dog park that I didn't want to leave. It's night like that, that is making sad that we are leaving. Yeah we are officially moving to Seattle, Washington. We are going to be going up around mid July. It is going to be so sad to leave everyone and everything behind, especially when we are starting to get plugged into the Husky community down here. But we do know moving up there is for the best and we will have a blast once we are up there.

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