Monday, September 5, 2011

A husky that swims???

We went to the dog park today since it was soooo freakishly hot so Koda could go jump into the lake. Well while we were there he was trying to keep up with the older dogs and do as they do (which were mostly labs). They all were chasing their tennis balls out into the lake and Koda wanted to go after them. Im not sure if he lost his footing and started to swim or if it was on purpose, but he did it a couple of times. He definitely likes the water, but to what extent we aren't sure yet. The first video is really shaky at first but towards the end you can see him swim :)


  1. My husky mix loves the water. Loves to swim, loves the beach, even splashes his water out of the bowl just to get wet. I can't hose the backyard down without her running around in it.

    Our lab on the other hand - sank when we put her in the pool, hates to get wet. She will go in the ocean but not deep enough to have to swim.
    Crazy dogs!!

  2. Wooooo! You are crazzy little mate! I'll only go into the water to my knees bol!



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